Core Strength: A New Model for Injury Prediction and Prevention

A male therapist or doctor, starting to perfom the anterior drawer test. A test in 90° of knee flexion for the objectivation of stability of anterior cruciate ligament. In this position stability of the posterior capsle can hide a rupture of the ACL.
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Core Strength for Injury Prediction

In this weeks article, several firefighters underwent an FMS screening to determine if there was a correlation between their results and risk for injury.  Several of the participants were then given a core stability regimen and their injury rates were tracked over the course of a year.  Click the link below to see how well the core stability exercises helped at reducing the risk of injury among these industrial athletes!




Extra points to consider:

The importance of core stability to promote general health and decrease risk of injury have been well documented, but how much do you promote it in your practice?

  • Do you incorporate core stability work regularly with your patients? If so, how?
  • What core exercises do you prefer for your population?
  • How does your philosophy change with different populations of patients?

We want to learn from you. Leave a comment below to drop some knowledge on us!


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  1. Sara W says:

    I have not yet fully read the article but wanted to leave a thought. I agree that core exercise is super important and I try to implement it for nearly all of my patients. Between teaching our patients proper bracing and core activation strategies in conjunction with postural adjustments, we can fix and prevent so many ailments. I work with many patients who work desk jobs and adjusting posture and promoting proper stabilizer activation is almost always top on my list as it is so effective with this population!

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