Association between the Functional Movement Screening and Injury Development in College Athletes

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ACL Injuries: Diagnosis, Treatment, Prevention.
December 11, 2017
Direct Access Compared with Referred Physical Therapy Episodes of Care
January 7, 2018
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Functional Movement Screening

Ensuring appropriate and efficient movement patterns is key to improving overall athlete performance and preventing injury.  The Functional Movement Screening has become the go to assessment tool to help athletes and trainers spot impairments in the movement patterns of an athlete.  Read this weeks article to learn more about this screening tool and how it can help in your clinical practice.



Share your experiences with the FMS by leaving a comment below:

  1. Do you use the FMS screening with your athletes? How about general population patients?
  2. How effective have you found the FMS to be at assessing an individuals movement patterns?
  3.  Do you feel the FMS is a good predictor of risk of injury?


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