Does High Level Youth Sports Participation Increase the Risk of Femoroacetabular Impingement?

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It has been suggested that high levels of physical activity at a young age can increase the risk of femoroacetabular impingement.  This article reviews current research regarding FAI in order to determine the role that youth sports participation plays in the diagnosis. Read here to learn more.






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  1. Colin J Waldock says:

    A valuable article but one that leaves us with an awareness of our ignorance really. Perhaps in the presence of a lack of hard evidence sport in adolescents should be for fun allowing significant rest periods rather than pressurised environments enforcing increasing activity levels

  2. S. Williams says:

    The article shows that impingement risk increases with youth sports participation but leaves me wondering more. Which sports cause the most risk? I hear a lot about hockey but is that worse than soccer or another sport? Also what, if anything can be done to prevent it from occurring?
    Thank you for posting this because it is very interesting and opened up a slew of other questions for me. Are there any other articles or resources I could look into on this?

  3. J Elliot says:

    I appreciate the study and felt it was well put together. The article left me pondering a somewhat different thought. This article suggests that frequent participation in sports (more than 3x per week) increases the risk for FAI. In a world where we are fighting an obesity epidemic, and our goal is to get kids moving as much as possible, it is challenging to know that increased participation increases risk for other conditions. I would have liked to see more information on how we can help prevent this from occurring, while still allowing kids to be active and continue participation in sports.

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